EMMA: Enhancing Multicast For Multimedia Applications

JISC Funded work on transferring the Mbone technology into the H.E. Community

Multimedia communications is one of the key technologies for the future, and can bring substantial benefits to the HE community. However, the current multicast has to be enhanced before we can make wide area multimedia communications available for regular use.

The Final Report for EMMA is available now.

The purpose of this research was to enhance the multicast software in terms of scaling, resource management and regulation of use, and then to bring wide area multimedia communications to the HE community. We heled set up the UK-MBONE among HE institutions, and provided system and application software, and technical support.

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Two images from a recent medical imaging demonstration by folks from UCL, relaying from the SuperJANET Pilot into the UK Mbone (courtesy of Jon Knight at LUT) are Bodies and Head

We also multicast the CTI/NTI joint workshop from Aston on November 8th 1995, and the following people were listening at one point (there were a lot more, but I failed to capture the vat window then!).