Genetic Programming FAQ

Unfortunately now very old and out of date. Worst anachronisms have been removed (2002). Try here for some pointers to newer pages.
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Table of contents:

1. What is Genetic Programming [GP]?

2. Why should I be interested in Genetic Programming?

3. Old mailing list superceeded by

4. Where can I find out more about Genetic Progamming?

5. I'm new to Genetic Algorithms. Can you point me to some sources for more general information on GAs to put this in perspective?

5.1 Can you point me to some courses on GAs?

6. The GP implementation in the book is presented entirely in Lisp. Do I need to use Lisp to have an implementation of GP?

7. I would like to use GP with C instead of LISP because C is usually faster. How does one use GP with C instead of LISP? In LISP the parse tree is obvious - in C it is not. How does one eval C programs?

8. I don't want to have to type in the code in the appendices to the book. Can I get the source code on-line somewhere?

9. What's all this I hear about patents?

10. I'm not a sophisticated Lisp user and don't understand why so much apparent effort is spent in the Lisp code in the book worrying about FAST-EVAL. Can't I just get things to go faster by compiling my population or some such. This would avoid the apparent recursion in the FAST-EVAL function.

11. What specific areas are GPers working on right now?
Try their homepages

12. Can I get the code that JK and JR run?

13. Has GP been shown to be better than Random Search?

13.1 Peter Angeline's results.
14. What is Symbolic Regression?

15. I want to GP but I don't know what sort of machine to run it on. What should I get? (Answer 15 is too old to be helpful)

99. Glossary

100. Book order form

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